Canello - Kanellopoulos Fabrics


Quality and service

In our store, you will feel the warmth of old Athens, the feeling of the time when quality and elegance were a priority. You will get lost in the hundreds of fine fabrics and refined garments. You can choose fabrics by measure, fabrics for clothes. Large variety of fabrics for online purchase or purchase of ready-made garments such as dresses, skirts, blouses, cardigans, jackets and trench coats. Our service continues the values of the Kanellopoulos brothers, with the same love for the haute couture and the elegant appearance in every kind of body type, remaining faithful to our chosen audience.

Tailormade Women dresses & skirts

The choices are endless, as a woman, in addition to buying fabrics in moderation, can choose between beautiful British fabrics, in fantastic qualities and create airy dresses, with the signature of the fabric house Liberty of London. All women's dresses are designed to emphasize the strengths of each silhouette, giving femininity and classic elegance. Countless options for dresses, winter, summer dresses, long or midi skirts, floral, plaid, etc.

Tailormade Children's dresses

Tailor-made creations are not the exclusive prerogative of adults. Through imaginative combinations of Liberty of London fabrics, the most dreamy girls' dresses for every occasion spring up, whether it is a children's party or even a christening. Our little friends, through the abundance of choices, have the opportunity to feel like little princesses.

Tailor made Canello Visit us today!

It is our pleasure to help you, to find exactly what you are looking for and what suits you! Tailor made Canello, means that we sew to your measurements, exactly what you want or what you will choose from the dozens of samples we have!

The shop Canello is a trademark of the past, continuing with the same values in the present, and moving creatively towards the future while maintaining the classic timeless beauty.

How are our tailor made creations made?

The process is very simple and fun as all you need is to go through the store to take your measures. Then you choose your favorite fabric between countless prints and monochrome, as well as your favorite dress from the variety of samples we have, and so you can easily and simply get the dress of your dreams.